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I said that I have two questions but I have a third one too:

I don't see on my AS portfolio any kind of filters of sorting. Images are presented to the buyer in a single way, the layout that FT calls relevance. There is no possibility for the buyer to sort images by any other criteria like new or popular, whatever.
No sets, no filters, photos, videos, illustrations all mixed in a big mess.

I can't expect from a buyer who wants to buy videos to check all my pages one by one to find what he needs.
Why would he lose so much time when there are other agencies with a clearer interface?

These are the things that should be fixed first, more options for buyers are very important. Maybe you could mention these things to your superiors.

It's more than a year now, how long for AS to catch up with other agencies?

Sean Locke Photography:
There's a "sort by" pull down at the top right.  Recent, relevance, popularity, downloads and undiscovered.  There's a filter box next to the search entry that drops a panel with all kinds of options.  Not sure how you aren't seeing all that.

Thank you Sean.
I see it on my contributor dashboard but that is not available for buyers.

I never use AS except when I want to check something, therefor I was searching the way I thought a buyer would do.
I'll tell you what I was doing and please tell me if I am not searching the right way.

So, search for a keyword like rose, or an image ID, click on any image in the result, then click on the contributor's name to go to his portfolio.

 You will see the portfolio exactly as I described it earlier, no matter if signed in or not.

There probably are other ways to search but if I did it this way, it's possible others will do the same.

Am I doing something wrong? How else could a buyer search?

I'm used to any kind of websites, usability is the most important thing on a site. If the buyer can't navigate to his pleasing in a few seconds, he goes away.


--- Quote from: Josephine on April 22, 2017, 07:46 ---Mat is not the Messiahs... he is just real clever, making us believe that he is...

--- End quote ---

Mat is Mat, and each site should have its own Mat. But unfortunately for us they have not.
There was one (or two) on Shutterstock, but he has been eaten by the shareholders…

Sean Locke Photography:
Ah, I see what you're saying.  There's a difference between this:
and this:

I have the first bookmarked so that's what I always use.  The second is what you get when you click a contributor's name.  Yes, a search should always have the same interface available.


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