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Author Topic: This year almost no earnings anymore?!  (Read 1039 times)

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« on: June 05, 2018, 15:03 »
With a portfolio on 5 agencys of each 1000 pictures I made in the last years a few hundret to a few thousand euros.. since 2018 the first 3 months I almost didn't sell anything.. since may it started a bit and i sold some pictures and earnd a few euros.. but its not the same like the last year.. is it just me or does someone experience the same? Is there a reason for that? I heard there was something with google algorithm or something..

The funny about it is that since the end of last year until now I uploaded thousands of new pictures to every agency.. for example I have now 6000 on fotolia/adobe stock, alamy, zoonar and on 123rf.. 1000 new on shutterstock... But I dont sell anymore.

if i think now about paying my 70 for the creative suite every month i want to quit with selling photos or footage online.... At the moment I pay more than i earn.  :-\
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« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2018, 15:31 »
It's been that way for at least a few years. I'm hoping to ride this fiery rocket to the ground and emerge from the ashes. I'm not optimistic about that plan, but we will see.

« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2018, 18:50 »
6000 photos and you earned a few euros in five months of 2018? There's something seriously wrong happening with your ports.

« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2018, 20:47 »
I'm pretty sure if I added 5000 images this year let alone increased my port by 6X my earnings would have gone up a little. At least on a few sites that seem to be selling new content along with the old. Can you find your images in searches?

My experience is things seem to be bumbling along at about the new normal - slow decline compared to 2017, down about 50% from 2012. 123RF has fallen off a relatively low cliff, SS doesn't seem to sell much new stuff at all, but no huge drastic across the board sudden calamity.

« Reply #4 on: June 06, 2018, 19:56 »
SS has been dead for me for sure. Still seems like some trickles coming through FT.


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