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i know, but i received lower than 3$

i received few very low looks like 90% discount or so.

Hello has anyone footage sales with very low comission?
much lower that standart

its for Golden Gate bridge. i think the same, this policy is so cumblesome,  its ok for large production but for stock and youtube its overkill.

No, just shot for home album or social medias.
I discover all parks have different policy about filming.
yellowstone ask for permit for stock footage.
And one funny moment i can't pay for permit if it needed because i am not in US, and the need money or check =\
Or even all card info, which banks prohibit to tell.
Checked golden gate policy O_O
10000$ for a day for all video shooting, even youtube, they are insane

I will be in group, but not models.
like regular tourist trip with sight seeing, but want to make some photos and footage, and photos with people will be only for personal use, to show their family or so.
And I want to shoot some landscapes for stock.

I tried 3 times, maybe they will respond in future.
All like said in rules 1-2 people with tripod. there will be more of us but like regular group of tourist.
And i really don't understand why no model, every people in photo model?

Thanks all for wishing good luck, yea i also will shoot footage, and hope not only Grand Canyon.

Since i am not from US and never been before in national parks in US, it will be first experience. I saw many good photos from Grand Canyon, hope i can shoot something good too.
Basically i want with those pics to compensate cost of trip.

I'm pretty sure what they mean is you need permission to hold big photo shoots with models, assistants and lots of equipment, where you would be in the way the public, preventing them from enjoying the scenery.

IANAL, but I've got pics of the Grand Canyon and other US parks on iS, and they're extremely paranoid about not accepting pics if there might be an issue. Still, their rules might change ...
Thanks for reply)
Your pics are old or new to understand if they still accepting these, but i don't upload to IS?
Does these pics sells?

i know that but they say. if 1-2 people and camera 0$)
Mayube someone have such experience since there are many photos from Grand Canyon.
so i am confused, since they don't answer.
And since i can't give them info that they need to make official permin bacuse i am not from USA, don't have a crew and insurance for filming in USA company)
I will visit like tourist but, why not to sell photos if they will be good.

Hello, i want to shoot some photos and videos in Grand Canyon and can't understand do i need permission to do this?
They not included in restriction lists of stock sites.
On official site tells if shoot is commercial i need permission, but also told 1-2 people 0$. I'am confused, does anybody shoot in Grand Canyon, did you apply for permission?
I have emailed them but no answer.

ae can crash especially if raw files are huge like from 7r mk2.

my workflow with timelapse looks like, import all in ae, render out in native resolution as lossless vide, and then reimport and work with it. So pretty much the same as tiff but without many pictures in sequence.
camera raw is very slow.
even on my 5960x with 64gb of ram.
davinci resolve is much faster in raw import, almost real time preview

I import raw files in ae for over year now, so it isn't new.
Same camera raw module as in Photoshop

Maybe but noticed for highlights it's better and for color correction too.
So i want to deliver best possible quality.

sony x-avc 10 bit in 32 bit ae comp, try it on your pc)
ripped off by whom? lol

my pc for 4k workflow cost over 4k $, render time of 4k 30sec clip is 15min for me and hd is about 4-5 min.
your calculations are not so good.
in your opinion for example canon 1dx II shout cost 50% more that 80d? exactly the same but it cost times more.
And first of all discussion not supposed to be about producing and camera costs at all.
It's about that Adobe stock uses more broad license instead of standard for same price and even without any notification.

My camera cost more than 10 times of 4k price. it cost about 40 times for only body.
4k needs also more power to produce and so on.
really need some price points like on 123rf or set price like pond.
Because 4k from go pro mounted on car is not the same as 4k prores footage or even timelapse of 4 hours or so.
4k on pond for 189 selling ok, so i don't think it outdated, maybe for mobile 4k or gopro, but not for good quality.
for some not clever people even videohive ok =\

same for me at ss sales are much higher.
But did you notice that Adobe Stock offer extended license on all videos at standard price?

Hello, i wasn't happy that fotolia offer for 200$ not only hd enhanced but also 4k, which other sites offer in standard license for that price.
I think it should be updated to match other sites.
But Adode go even further they offer all videos in extended license, hd for 79 for enhanced license, when pond5 offer extended for 149 itself.

something around 60$

How the taging and keywording process look here. Can you engine see keywords directly from video file? Or i need one by one copy paste keywords?
Or maybe i can upload video files with same name jpegs withs all info.
Regards, GooDween

123RF / Re: 123rf sharing commissions with parent company Inmagine
« on: November 05, 2014, 09:41 »
they reply to my mail, ask for time to make button for opt out.

123RF / Re: 123rf sharing commissions with parent company Inmagine
« on: November 04, 2014, 06:01 »
also write them to opt out from these sites.
and still no royalty rate tab for us. looks like they don't care.

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