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Pozdrav svima,

Zanima me da li mi netko moze pomoci vezano za primanje uplata za stock usluge iz inozemstva (US, Kanada, UK). Imam opcije primati uplate preko bankovnog racuna (paualni obrt) - da li je ovo bolja opcija nego uplata na Skrill, Payoneer itd. obzirom na ukupni iznos placenog poreza? Moram platiti PDV na uplate bez obzira na to sto mi je obrt van sustava PDV-a, ali vise od toga ne znam.

Na koji nacin vi primate uplate i putem kojeg servisa?

Unaprijed hvala :)

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if someone from Europe could help me decide which payment method would be the best. I have accounts on IS, SS and AS. I need to fill in tax form which is still in progress (for AS also W8 - BEN).

I work as a freelancer (sole proprietor) which means I could pay taxes through my business. Other option is to pay them as individual if I choose one of the other payment options (not the bank account).

If anyone has experience with this, would appreciate your help,


Newbie Discussion / Do you sell photos on your own website?
« on: January 19, 2017, 19:21 »
Hello everyone,

This forum has been very helpful although it took me a while to register.
Almost everything i wanted to know was already posted :)

But here is my question: do you have your own website with portfolio for selling photos or microstock sites are the only place they are available? Is this even worth time and effort?

My portfolio is pretty small at the moment. I'm a graphic/product designer but also studied photography on my University/college.

I am often in need of others' stock photos - at the moment I am definitely more of a buyer than a seller :)

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