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Newbie Discussion / Adobe Penalising Me For Withdrawing?
« on: May 12, 2018, 05:24 »
Hi everyone, new here.

I've been selling 99% Video over the last three years and have kept records over the time of the sales and have noticed a trend with Adobe which has got me worried that they're penalising me for withdrawing funds.

When Adobe is doing well for me, I'll see on average between 2-7 video sales per week and it's can be one of my better performing agencies, but I've noticed that after withdrawing funds the following 3-5 weeks have little to no sales. My biggest withdrawal from Adobe was at the beginning of April and since then I've had a whopping 1.20 in sales (a couple of photos).

Does anyone else keep track of when they withdraw and notice any decline in sales? When this has happened in the past, the charts do show that the sales pick back up, but it feels like something is happening to my footage rankings.

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