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What makes a good citizen journalism website? I believe its one where the CJs are offered a very good price for the content and opportunities for the widest possible audience. That's why I stated NoozDesk.com

NoozDesk - For the new generation of citizen journalists

NoozDesk doesn't broadcast your content. We sell it to established global news outlets like the BBC and Russia Today. Because we don't broadcast, we are seen as a resource for broadcasters - not a threat, so we have good working relationships with them. Because we get a good price and exposure for citizen journalists, we get the best citizen journalists in world. 

We believe NoozDesk is the way forward for citizen journalism and the future of news gathering and broadcasting. We think you will, too. If you don't, feel free to say how we can improve.

Gari Sullivan

What am I looking at?  Did you get your site hacked?

Photo Critique / Shoot RAW-M or downsize post prouction
« on: April 07, 2016, 16:41 »
I would like feedback on the best practice for image quality when it comes to downsizing MP of an image.  I use a 5D Mk III that can shoot 22Mp or 10Mp if i use the RAW-M setting.  Will I get better image quality if I shoot in the RAW-M or if I downsize the raw file in post production using lightroom/photoshop?  Thank you.

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Was out shooting in a city I hadn't been to before and ran into trouble. I noticed a guy across the street checking me out. Sizing me up. Then he started following me. When I went to go back down the street he crossed the street and stood in my way yelling something. I stopped and he was about 15 feet in front of me. He was probably in his early 30s, strong build, and may have been homeless, on drugs, or just a mouthy thug looking for a victim. I'm a pretty big guy and just stared him down until he backed off. He still followed me and kept yelling.

I've had a few minor run-ins with people but nothing as close to a brawl as this. When I'm in my hometown I carry a knife. Can't do that when traveling on an airplane.

Ever have any problems like this? You carry any extra protection while traveling?

The only weapon I carry is comprehensive equipment insurance. Getting mugged means a camera upgrade for me...
I second this, I have $2 insurance for no questions asked insurance in my $3,500 worth of camera gear.  Not worth the risk to your life unless you are home with your concealed carry.

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