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MicrostockSubmitter / StockSubmitter Photo Formats
« Last post by VUSschneider on Today at 07:15 »
how to upload TIF files with stockSubmitter?
Is that possible or only JPG pictures?

iStockPhoto.com / Re: How to specify if a file is editorial?
« Last post by Gannet77 on Today at 07:08 »
You have to create separate batches for editorial - click on the "Create Batch" icon on the top row, then select "Editorial" in the next screen.
iStockPhoto.com / How to specify if a file is editorial?
« Last post by Sion on Today at 05:58 »
At the moment whatever I upload via Deepmeta becomes royal free images. I want to start to submit editorial files and how do I specify them as editorial files? I can't see there is a selection for it in Deepmeta.
General Stock Discussion / Re: choose not to register?
« Last post by namussi on Today at 05:04 »
Psychological bias: People tend to prefer large infrequent payments to frequent small payments even if the amount per year is the same.
General Stock Discussion / Re: choose not to register?
« Last post by Sammy the Cat on Today at 04:56 »
The only way to do that is not to submit images to microstock agencies.

There is no way to opt out of subscriptions its the basis of the industry.

You can however submit only to the higher paying rights managed agencies like Alamy as they pay higher rates but sales tend to be less frequent.
General Stock Discussion / Re: choose not to register?
« Last post by namussi on Today at 04:55 »
Take back control ... and cut your income.
General Stock Discussion / choose not to register?
« Last post by raymondwilliams on Today at 04:39 »
Is there any site that gives us the option to opt out of subscription purchases?

It seems to me that while they continue to cut our commission this would be a good way to give us back some control.

Difficult to see an image sold as "big" for $ 1.70 and then "XL" at 25c under registration.

It's a defacto free part indeed.
I have to agree with others... 12k clips should be wearing much more.  Could be a lot of factors.  Adding a link to your portfolio could bring some good constructive criticism to help you out with this.  I've uploaded about 1,200 clips in less than 3 years at Pond5 and earning over a thousand dollars per month.  I'm sure there's people with an even better sales to portfolio size ratio.

My Pond5 Port:

Really great work! Which camera do you use?

% of revenue in 2017:

1) 33% - P5
2) 28% - SS
3) 18% - Fotolia
4) 11% - iStock
5) 7% - Videoblocks
6) 2% - Dissolve
Thank you for your reply.

Talking about SEO, everything I upload, is on the page 1-5 from 500 sometimes. I'm not debating here my material, I'm not a pro contributor, I know that, but surely I'm no amateur shooting parks and dogs and lakes. My stock has tourism landmarks (london, paris, amsterdam, madrid, barcelona, dubai, sofia, lyon, edinburgh, etc etc) and around 8K of model release footage. 

I ask others contributors if there sales drop 10 times or more in the last 4 months. Suddenly it happened to my account to stop selling, in the past more I added more I sold. Now I'm not selling what I used to sell in the past, I add more material, I don't sell the new, I don't sell the old. I contacted pond5 support, and they said that market is getting bigger, more contributors, more material, the sales would divide to more and more people, bigger competition lower sales.

So, you who have pond5 accounts for some time, did your sales drop dramatically ??? Thanks
I have noticed that in P5 forum a lot of users are complaining about poor sales, even the ones that used always to boast excellent sales in the past.
I really like Pond 5, but their membership program has obviously heavily cannibalised sales, as it was largely expected
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