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Author Topic: How is Jon Oringer worth $1 Billion?  (Read 5139 times)

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  • On the Wrong Side of the Business
« Reply #25 on: January 12, 2018, 15:28 »
While reading about ss, I found that Jon Oringer worth is 1 billion dollar.
How did Oringer have so much amount?

By making dollars and paying pennies. I'm on the wrong side of this business.

« Reply #26 on: January 13, 2018, 19:21 »
And they also know that individual microstock photographers have no bargaining power.

Right, Jon got in early and all the suckers uploaded for 25c. Now the same suckers complain that we get paid nothing. You are right because driving the value and prices down to nothing is the work of the so called professionals who sold their souls to SS for some coin. You are right, we have no bargaining power because photos, illustrations and video, the Internet, digital advances and the market have become over saturated by desperate people, willing to work for almost nothing.

We aren't artists in Microstock any more, we are producers of a commodity. Accept that position or leave. This over supply will not get better and earnings will continue to fall for individuals. Jon will keep getting richer, but what person needs a billion dollars to live comfortably? My answer of course is a raise for us to thank us for making him a billionaire.

« Reply #27 on: January 17, 2018, 14:31 »
What a Lot don't know or weren't born yet...LOL in the beginning we got 20 Cents and we Fought for everything we have for the 38 cents. No raise since then and they get richer because Your afraid to say anything or stand up. we fought hard But. there was a LOT of DL's then. everything you submitted sold. because there were not 40,000 in every subject Killing the Database.Don't wanna fight for your rights? fine......then shut up. I will Guarantee you without a doubt 15 Cents is gonna be the norm sooner than Later and ya know what. No one will say a word and 1000's and 1000's more will Join. they Know it and we Know it. I wrote this in 2005 about the coming Cellphone revolution.
If I was Oringer. i would be very ,Very Happy with 500 Million and give back to the people who Made me wealthy, That One impossible Move would return to Him Untold billions More in support and all competition would fall to the rear and drop out.
Imagine in a perfect world the Owner of A profitable company Giving Back.Front page news around the world and instant sainthood for a nice jewish Boy.


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