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Just received this lovely email from 123rf about this exciting, new thing they're doing.

"We hope you're well. You may have noticed a Free Images link on our header - well, that's because we're working on a new section on

About a decade ago, we had a Free Images section on 123RF whereby contributors could choose images from their portfolios and offer it up for free. It drove traffic, exposure and purchase consideration to the Contributor’s portfolio.

Today, we're reviving this initiative and we hope that you’d be a part of this too!

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Portfolio Exposure!

Similar Images from the paid section will be displayed to drive traffic and consideration to paid content and soon to your own portfolio as well. We’re also building in new and exciting portfolio features. So stay tuned for more from us.

2. Easy uploads!

You can upload or pick images to be included into the Free section. We’ve written up a guideline on how you can do that!

3. Monetization!

As we build monetization programs on top of this offering, you'll receive a share as well 😉

4. #FeelsGood

And most important of all, it’s all about giving back to the community!
Need more information? Visit 123RF’s Free Images section or email us at [email protected]

We are looking forward to what you could offer and together we can reward our community for their appreciation of our work for all these years. Let’s create and share!


The 123RF Submission Team"

Did they also promise review times within two months or review times without constant emails reminding them?


--- Quote from: offisapup on June 14, 2022, 10:04 ---...
3. Monetization!

As we build monetization programs on top of this offering, you'll receive a share as well 😉


--- End quote ---
LOL, okay

Jo Ann Snover:
I left 123rf a long time ago, but what I recall about their old free program was that it only included the smallest size - if you wanted a larger size you had to pay for it. So this revival is a very different program - I wouldn't view it as a revival at all.

FWIW, for anyone considering participation, my take on this is that 123rf is circling the drain and the idea of any contributor benefit coming about from them belatedly joining the giveaway trend is pure fantasy. YMMV.


--- Quote ---4. #FeelsGood
--- End quote ---

No, it doesn't. Getting paid for my work feels good though.


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