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Clipdealer no reseller from 123RF anymore?

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Well, Clipdealer is not a big seller and if you sell directly via Clipdealer, you have to force them to pay you if you reached the payout. But Clipdealer is/was also a reseller from 123RF
Not long time ago - maybe 3 weeks(?) - I still could see all my images from 123RF on Clipdealer, too. the funny and interesting thing: I was able to see, how many views my images got on clipdealer and if sold, they would be also listed.
I just wanted to make another short research on clipdealer, but now I cannot find any of my images anymore.
AND: Strange: If you click on any other contributors name: Mostly no image appears anymore, but sometimes they appear.
It seems like 123RF quit Clipdealer as reseller and all these contributors, without listed images were selling via 123RF?

Would be interesting to know, who quit from whom. would be funny if Clipdealer was the one, who does not want to sell images from 123RF anymore.

Clipdealer refuse to pay my royalties for almost TWO YEARS and to delete my portfolio. They continue to sell my images and keep my money for themselves (or himself - Markus Hein).

I requested payment over a year ago and still not paid? Do I call German police of what?Clipdealer GmbH
Parkstr. 17
80339 Munich

2 year those *insult removed* don't pay me! How to sue them?

For Real:
I've been F'ed over twice in my 10 plus years.  One owner is a president of a yacht club in San Diego CA! Not worth the effort of getting an attorney thus just eat the loss and move on. Sucks but that is life...


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