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Data Breach At 123RF


Sean Locke Photography:
Stocksy admins notified us that 123RF had a data breach today, and that people have been trying to login to Stocksy with those credentials.

"This morning we were made aware that the stock photo site 123RF experienced a security breach in which millions of usernames and passwords were stolen. There have now been malicious attempts to use these stolen credentials to login to Stocksy accounts."

Further, it suggests changing passwords that use that same username and password at other locations.

Just got the email too about 5min ago... maybe this could be the data breach of Oct 2020, which happened 123rf then and now reached stocksy.

Not sure about that... going to change passwords anyway to be safe!

Sean Locke Photography:
Yeah, it may be.  The wording made it seem recent, but could be.

Clair Voyant:
One might want to consider using a password manager like Lastpass. All of my passwords are different for each site and 18 characters long with upper case, lower case, symbols, and numbers. End of problem.

Whether it's a new breach, or the old one, our data is already being sold. I use a unique email for every online account I create. I now receive spam ads to my unique 123RF email address.


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