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Is it the end of 123rf

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Having contributed to 123RF for 10 years, they have consistently cut the commission rates, while at the same time proclaiming that sales will go up, this of course is absolute rubbish.

In the last couple of years my sales have been going one way and that is down, as well as getting 4 or 5 returns sales every month, no other site does this.

Have the buyers on this site been getting a rough deal as well and will we about to see the collapse of 123RF.

I hope so, they have no reason to exist. They don't offer anything new to the market, they have proven to be greedy and desperate, their review times are infinitely long (or don't review at all unless you ask them to) and their sales have fallen off a cliff.

I say get rid of it, weed out the bad players in the game.

I have stopped uploading photos this month to 123, I will leave my portfolio there but from this month I will ignore this agency, an outdated website, eternal review times and just $ 5 / month with more than 20k images ... in a couple of days I will talk in my blog about it in the monthly summary!

Hopefully they go down and all other sites like this that have cut commissions donít have sales and treat contributers as rubbish
Good riddance

It is not the end of 123RF, it is the end of microstock.


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