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my balance is negative

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so never seen this one before, but I'm in the hole $13 to 123rf. no refunds, or anything except for in 2016 yet I somehow now owe them money?

You all ever experience this?

so now I'm even more confused. I've actually had sales since I first posted this with no refunds since then either. yet now I'm even further in the hole showing that I'm -15 bucks that I owe 123rf

Ouch. And what does support say? Will you update please, it's important for everybody who is contributing there to know how it happened.

I contacted support about my balance being wrong. I have had an incorrect balance at the start of the month before but it always rights itself after a day or so. This time it hasn't. Support replied very quickly to say they are aware of the problem and they are currently working to fix it. Maybe that is what has happened to you also. The sales are there but the end of the month says zero.

When I messaged support, all they said was that refunds can cause a negative balance but it should of been offset by now though they can't confirm. They will pass it on to IT though. That was a couple weeks ago and no updates yet. since then my balance has gone more negative and I haven't had any new refunds.


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