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In a new phenomenon, it seems that the more images get sold via 123 the more money i owe them. With 5 sales this month (paltry, I know) I now owe them 36c for the month. Yesterday I had no sales and owed them either the same or slightly less.
However, according to the daily downloads tab I have only 1 sale this month and I actually made 45c.
What a way to run a site.
Should I close the account now, while I still have some earnings (though not enough to cash out) or should I leave it for a year or two until I've enough sales for them to think I owe them a reasonable amount and then close it and refuse to pay them what they will say i owe?
Oh, hang on, there's a credit of -1.55 for Jan 6 (for no given reason) . So debit 1.65 vs earnings of 45 = -36c according to their maths.
It's all fun, isn't it?

I gave up on them some time ago.  Review took for-freaking-ever, and then earnings started getting cryptic.  I do this for the money, even if it's not a lot of money, that's the goal.  Don't screw with my earnings.

I'm 20c to the good now, after 6 sales.
It's another place where it isn't the money that makes me happy.

The Place Is UNBELIEVABLE. why are they even there?.Beyond Compare.Super Sad. I have 10 Dollars up for 2 Months. 200 a month was easy for years. never a Great site But consistent. Now consistently Bad. 44 sites Listed and 7 selling. I sadly think that fat lady is singing guys. Glad I went back to Client work 2 years ago and In 3 Months Back to music. Oh well It was about time.

As I have had some refunds that are for 5 months ago, I am beginning to wonder if these are not refunds, but a way for 123RF to take more revenue from everyone, basically fraud.

If they are doing this across a whole load of Portfolio’s it could add up to a substantial amount.

They do not say who these people are who ask for a refund months after downloading a picture.

I cannot believe that a design/advertising agency would ask for a refund on such a small amount of money, having worked in many design and advertising agencies they just do not operate like this.

This doesn’t seem right at all.


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