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Guys, I've started this job for four months.  I work with 4 sites.  I have 600 plus images.  Except for Shutterstock, I didn't make any profit.  123 Rf + Fotoliada is one of them.  1-2 sales though I can live.  What is your ideas.  Why not sold.

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You may have 600 pictures, but you have a lot of series of 'slight variations on a theme', with no obvious reason why you have submitted so many similars.
Your table-top 'similar sets' look like exercises which beginning photographers do to practise variations of composition or lighting rather than stock images.

Your technique is quite good, but as said above there are too many repetitions.
Some of your flowers images are very well made, but it is a topic that not sell much.
I think you know how to shoot, but don't know what to shoot. Try experimenting with different topics


Thank you for your answers.  Basically I have an area where a simple light source is not enough.  I have to go to a course for lighting.  Some photos again.  I have to pay attention to these.  Can you suggest a video tutorial for friends light and composition?

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