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Alamy new low - 0.46 distributor sale - I get 0.14

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Uncle Pete:

--- Quote from: Jo Ann Snover on April 11, 2021, 19:26 ---
--- Quote from: pancaketom on April 11, 2021, 16:56 ---...Maybe it is time to finally kill distributor sales - in the past they have mostly been low (< $20), but I don't think I have ever had one under $1 net before. I guess now that we only get 40% of regular sales the distributor sales aren't so much lower, but they have moved from good microstock levels to poor microstock levels....

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The volume of sales at Alamy (for me) is low, but funnily enough, last October I decided to opt in to distributor sales after being opted out for many years. I thought I'd see how, if at all, that improved sales volume (I'd opted out on principle because I consider it outrageous that the distributor makes more than I do).
Since October 2020 there have been only 2 distributor sales, the two smallest sales I've had in that time period. Gross numbers, one sale was $3.51 and the other $2.28. I am glad that the higher value sales (top 3, gross, $250, $119, $95) were direct through Alamy.

A few months isn't long enough to make any decisions, but based on what I've seen to date, opting in to distributor sales was pointless :)

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While true, opting out is also pointless, because then I'd get 100% of nothing? I really can't be concerned about some distribution sale in China or Romania as harming my other sales from some other distribution agency? Maybe mine are different, but they are news use.
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China, Web, One month, Bulk Discount, Flat Rate

--- Quote from: changingsky on April 12, 2021, 00:51 ---Here works the same - "partners", "distributors" etc - all types of intermediates as in any business. Exist a business and exist a parasite.

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So true and the state of Microstock right now. After the race to the bottom, now we have the race to sell through distribution for the lowest fees. In the end, the artists are always the last in the chain and get less of what's left.

--- Quote from: pancaketom on April 11, 2021, 16:56 ---The subject pretty much covers it - 2 sales for the month, both distributor, both for 0.46 of which I get 0.14 - in the details they say RF and "China"

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14 cents would make me angry too.
How large and what use? Or does it just say RF?


--- Quote from: ShadySue on April 11, 2021, 17:19 ---...
If it's any consolation, you have 14c more than I have this month ("so far", she added, hopefully!)

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Optimism paid off. Just had a distributor sale in, $26.06 gross, $10.42: which is still a better net than quite a few 'regular' sales.

Alamy, please don't venture down this path...

Well a macrostock became a microstock site. That's it!

Zero Talent:
I also noticed those recent China-based "sub-like" sales, but I also get bigger ones.
So "sub-like" sales can be OK, as long the big sales are not cannibalized.


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