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Commission lowered to 20%

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I just read the new contributor contract.  The highlight: if you make less that $250 in commission during the fiscal year will, your commission will be lowered to 20%.   

Check out some of the other clauses too. Not good.

Discussion already going at'good-news'/msg563987/

Looks like midstock just went microstock.

Just got that email as well and dig around the clauses.

From what i can see, *NEW* accounts after July 1st go to gold (40%) and after a year get reviewed.

For others:

--- Quote ---12.13 if the Alamy Commission is Alamy Silver and your total License Fees, net of any refunds, exceeds $250 at any point during the Revenue Year then the Alamy Commission will automatically revert to Alamy Gold. Should any subsequent refund take your License Fees below the $250 threshold as set out in clause 12.12, the Alamy Commission will revert to Alamy Silver.
--- End quote ---

So a lot of existing accounts that are relatively low earning will get knocked from 40% to 20%.

A revenue year is July 1 - June 30.

Oh that's too bad - they were about the only place I was thinking to keep contributing.  At least that makes it easy to decide where to spend my time in the future.


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