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I love you Alamy, but I'm breaking up with you! (wishing you luck)

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This year on $10 sale ($4 earnings), not good!

But if i upload images to other sites, it is no effort to upload them to AL

And there's a change for higher sales :)


--- Quote from: Brasilnut on September 16, 2020, 07:04 ---Alamy has responded to Photo Archive News that kindly shared my post on

--- Quote ---Alan Capel : Commercial Director:

Our business is in good health, even during these challenging times, with investment and growth plans in place as part of the PA Media Group.

Alex has raised some interesting points but we donít see his experiences as representative of all our contributors. As with any large-scale diverse platform, there will be peaks and troughs for content creators. Many factors play into that, including the quality and diversity of imagery, visual trends, comprehensive metadata and crucially, demand from customers.

We will continue to listen to our photographers and contributing agencies and build a business that rewards great photography and meets the needs of our current and future customers.
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

Your experiences may not be representative of all Alamy contributors (Live News is a different category, and even there prices can be falling. Though every now and then I see news about a good sale [among people I actually know] in among the general reports of ever-decreasing value sales), but I'm as sure as I can be that it's representive of the vast majority of Alamy contributors. If your port is doing badly, I'm pretty certain that's the case for most non-Live News contributors.

I'm okay with Alamy: yes, up and down along the months, not many sales but the best paid. For me July 2020 was exceptional: 25 sales (almost one/day) and 779 USD gross

Sales on Alamy for me are just as rare and elusive as they've ever been. Then again, Ive got a really small port on there with a little over 200 photos so I can't really expect much in the way of sales anyway. I made my third sale on Alamy last month.

I'm happy with Alamy.
If Alamy does not work for you, take a look at the content that you are providing: is it generic microstock style?
Do you offer the same images at cheap micro prices and expect to get more on Alamy?
You may be surprised, but this just doesn't work.


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