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I love you Alamy, but I'm breaking up with you! (wishing you luck)

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gillian vann:

--- Quote from: Uncle Pete on September 14, 2020, 13:25 ---
. Reason I won't leave is because I already did the hard parts, taking photos, uploading and adding the details.

Right, Alamy is slow, and the returns are lower. Minimum is $50? This year I have one sale for $19.99 and they owe me $9 and change. This could be the first year I don't make payout from Alamy. But I've never had a year where I made more on DT than Alamy. I'll also agree that the $3.38 sales for $1.69 (2019 sales) is disappointing. But last sale on DT was $2 in May. Obviously neither one is anything special?  ;)

--- End quote ---

same, we've already done the work. i've got a small port there of about 1k bits of random stuff, but i'm ok to just let it stew. hardly make any sales. and hardly ever upload.

So far, I'm about 300$ down compared to entire last year. Alamy can be hit or miss. One month, you'll get 10 sales, all together netting you like 10 bucks, and the next month, you can have big sales. In august I had my biggest sale on alamy yet, 300$ gross, + next month 2 sales 120$+50$ gross. I think it's still worth it.

I have some sells there. Alamy pays better than microstock sites, but sales are few.I think it worths!

For years and years Alamy has been a sort of private club with a few vip members in this case getting 80% of all royalties on tons and tons of old editorial content!  thats Alamy for you guys!

I'm doing average in alamy.. 100-200$ for 800 images, occasional big sales contributed to reach about 500$ marks. though i stopped uploading new content everywhere  in around 2015 but still alamy and getty give me monthly pay out.
But i respect alamy and like agencies not because of i get monthly payout but how much they give me for a sale.. same for pond5. i always had respect for these fellows even in 2012 when i started and hated SS at that time also for 0.25$ sales and when i posted a thread here about SS and price I was criticized by others... i know people were earning much at that time with SS even with small portfolio but i never liked them and left my 200 images port but stopped getting a single sale as soon as i stopped uploading and nothing so far, so deleted my 200 pix and videos few days back
I will remain my new images confined to Alamy and videos to P5
ps- I have not opted for novel uses and other sub programmes in alamy/p5


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