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I love you Alamy, but I'm breaking up with you! (wishing you luck)

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Bailed out a little more than a year ago. Just didn't work out for me. at One time I had 13 sites. I will have 3 soon when I dump DT.123 and BS. and for some reason SS is still very strong.#1 actually,,,, and yes many 10 cent sales But also a LOT of Dollars Plus Sales also. In my 78 year old crystal ball and Very Long stock History going back Long Before Micro. I don't see Much future going forward and If there is..... I personally would hope better submitter's if better commissions and stability is what Ya want. In my time I looked at much More Ports than Most and Being honest it has steadily gotten worse for the last 7/8 years..
Pay them 10 cents and thats what it's worth.
If I were forced to Pick One which May happen sooner than later it would be AB. I was waiting for them to Overtake SS for a long time and even Bet On it with a few Oldies here.
Speaking Of Oldies it was great reading Jim Pickerell again. we go back a "VERY LONG TIME" and suggest you read this.

OK, bring on the haters...... Need a good laugh. I'll be gone for good soon.

As a matter of interest do portugese/Spanish newspapers use alamy?


--- Quote from: noelbennett235 on September 15, 2020, 04:39 ---As a matter of interest do portugese/Spanish newspapers use alamy?

--- End quote ---

On very rare occasions and I do have many pics uploaded in Iberia.

I have seen Eastern European newspapers often license from Alamy, with significant discounts.

I re-read my post, which I thought was perhaps a bit harsh (Covid-pity) but then checked my results for Sept and it still shows 0 sales and $0 earned and maybe I was not harsh enough.

Conversely, I'm having a good month on Alamy - 4 sales so far, over $200 gross.  Not my best month ever, but definitely well above average for me.

Alamy has responded to Photo Archive News that kindly shared my post on

--- Quote ---Alan Capel : Commercial Director:

Our business is in good health, even during these challenging times, with investment and growth plans in place as part of the PA Media Group.

Alex has raised some interesting points but we donít see his experiences as representative of all our contributors. As with any large-scale diverse platform, there will be peaks and troughs for content creators. Many factors play into that, including the quality and diversity of imagery, visual trends, comprehensive metadata and crucially, demand from customers.

We will continue to listen to our photographers and contributing agencies and build a business that rewards great photography and meets the needs of our current and future customers.
--- End quote ---


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