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Title: Just for fun
Post by: Dodie on October 19, 2017, 15:32
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This part of requirements for education is quite entertaining:

Clothing on girls/women

. Shoulders need to be covered by short sleeves or longer.
. No vests or strappy tops (if you’re shooting someone with a strappy top/no sleeves you could put a cardigan on and shoot a couple more for an ELT alternative).
. Skirts/shorts should be at or below the knee.
. No cleavage visible (e.g. shirts/tops/dresses need to have a high enough neckline not to show cleavage or bare chest flesh).
. Clothing shouldn’t be too tight (e.g. no tight tops that show the bust or tight leggings that give too much definition to the legs or bottom unless in a sports situation).
. Sports clothing should have as little flesh on show as possible.

I guess gymnastics, swimming, ballet and such is excluded according to the last line except somebody has a "19th century swimsuit".
By Anonymus (American: Harpers magazine.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons