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I have learned a bit of Portuguese through my visits to Brazil as well as through some of my Brazilian friends here. I am going for another churrasco this Saturday. :) I even buy some Brazilian products here in a Portuguese store. I love guaraná, goiabada, Serenata de Amor :D and other wonders from Brazil. Even my peach pavę is not that bad :).

About languages in former Yugoslavia, not counting minorities, there used to be three official main languages: Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian and Macedonian, all very similar. After Yugoslavia split, Serbo-Croatian was officially divided into Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, and recently Montenegrin. They are all mutually intelligible, with minor differences in pronunciation and writing.


--- Quote from: madelaide on September 24, 2009, 19:14 ---I wonder how (and why) you guys learned Portuguese.  It is not an useful language, and certainly not easy for you since there is no connection with the slavic languages.  ???  BTW, is it only language in all the states of former Yugoslavia?

--- End quote ---

Actually we dont learn it at all in school maybe only native Latin, but from my POW it is easy to learn...
To our coast comes lot of Italian ladies so we are prepared for this event  ;D


We travel a lot!

And another thing I noticed...

For example,
Italians travel together in big group, they held together and speaks only italian language wherever they go,they  go mostly in Italian restaurants... ::)
Many other big nations doing the same...

We are more "solo travelers", maybe one or two friends and we want to feel different culture,food,customs, and language of course...

Statistic says that Ex. YU is one of the most globalized regions in the world. No matter what someone thinks about that region...

I started to learn Spanish, and it's pretty easy to learn. I guess it's because I had Latin in school.

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Glede moneybookersa....

Da, u biti moja greška što sam jednom davno prije Microstocka otvorio account u EUR, a ne postoji mogućnost promjene valute...


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