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Title: When did BigStock start requiring photographer contact info on model releases?
Post by: disorderly on January 15, 2013, 06:39
Here's a new one, at least to me.  I was about to submit some new images to BigStock when I discovered that my previous batch had been rejected and were back in the edit queue.
Reason: [[MISSING MODEL RELEASE DATA: Each release must contain the printed names and signatures as well as contact information for the Photographer and the Model, and name and signature of the Witness.
The releases in question were filled out in full.  The new requirement: contact information for the photographer.  And sure enough, the release BigStock offers has space for this.  But what changed that the Getty release isn't good enough any more?  And, given the fact that they already have my contact information, what's the reasoning behind demanding that same information on every release, a release I only share with BigStock and other agencies that also have my contact info on file?

The easy answer would be to add this stuff to these releases.  But an easier answer would be to suggest they piss off.  Is the small amount I make from them worth any extra effort?

(Okay, rant over.  Thanks for listening.)