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Will SS muck up Bigstock next?

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Shutterstock has finally made themselves into the Wal-Mart of stock photography.  They will probably still make a profit from selling tons of totally crappy images at "low everyday prices".   But, I don't think that will satisfy their corporate greed.

My concern it that they'll turn to Bigstock next.

My sales there are pathetic, and have been for some time.  I'm wondering if I should bail out before things get weird.

Although, Shutterstock's most likely move may be to simply close Bigstock.

What do you all think?

Nobody really cares about BigStock. They can do with it whatever they want as far as I'm concerned. It's a very low earning agency, impact will be minimal.

For anyone not on bridge bigstock is already almost the worst paying site out there.

My BigStock experiemce:
- makes 1.89% of my revenue
- lowest RPD $0.27 of all agencies I upload to (quit IStock last year, so now BigStock is the lowest)
- the site is buggy for uploading
- rejection reasons are ridiculous like SS
- support told several times 'we will fix this', nothing happened

Bad Robot:
Bigstock already operates a form of royalty reset based on a rolling 12 months.

To be honest its already messed up and sales have pretty much dried up except for the odd 27 cent sale.

I quit uploading there a few months back there was just no point anymore.


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