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canstock is so strict on their photos review!

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--- Quote from: unnonimus on May 13, 2019, 14:09 ---you wrote: "If you are getting mass rejections what has that to do with CanStocks financial status?"

new uploads go onto a hard drive on their privately owned servers, with no rental fees for disk usage

approved content goes out to a CDN which they have to pay a daily / monthly fee per megabyte

if they stop accepting new submissions, people think they are going out of business

if they approve new content, they have to pay more in CDN fees

that is how I know they are having financial problems.

--- End quote ---

Thanks! Now it makes sense.

I stopped uploading there. Rejections were absolutely random and annoying.

Not Today:
Removed my port there a few months ago, and feel better knowing that they don't have my files anymore.

You should send them an email:

''Exciting news!
After running a few tests with our new AI-generated sales report, your agency has been selected to have all my files removed.
This new opportunity will allow your team to have less files to reject and more time for a decent lunch break.
You will also retain 100% commission of all the unsold removed files on your platform.
I sincerely believe this new venture will benefit you, me and your customers.



--- Quote from: unnonimus on May 09, 2019, 13:51 ---I am also getting mass rejections. so for many months I stopped submitted.

they must be in financial trouble, no other reason to do this,

--- End quote ---
There are all sorts of reasons...pure speculation.

99% of my images and vector are approved. Canstock don't sell well for photo but very good for vector and the royalties are higher than elsewere per sale for vector. but thoses days pending time is longer than usual


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