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CanStockPhoto: You will soon be limited to a maximum of 15 keywords per image.

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--- Quote --- We will soon be implementing a new keyword screening system, to help combat keyword spam.

This system will do several keyword checks before submitting an image, one of which will be the limiting of how many keywords you can submit.

You will soon be limited to a maximum of 15 keywords per image.

Any image can be described in 15 keywords. If you find yourself using 15,20, or 30 keywords per image - then you are pushing it. Remember: keywords should only DIRECTLY DESCRIBE your image.
--- End quote ---

Click here for the forum thread.


Yeah, that could get annoying for certain images. Especially, as you said, when they break up keyphrases into keywords. "Golden Gate Bridge" and "San Francisco" should be treated as 2 not 5 and shouldn't suck up 1/3 of one's available keywords.

Thanks for posting the link Madelaide  Good to be aware of these kinds of changes.

One of these days they'll expell me from CanStockPhoto. 


I might be in the minority, but I don't mind the change. Anything that cuts down on keyword spamming is a good thing. Just about all of the sites have started cracking down on spamming so I suppose Can Stock is just following the trend.


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