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How to get rid of Canstock affiliates


I asked for account closure and deletion of all my images at Canstock.

I got a fast answer, account closed.

My problem is that their affiliates still display all my images, even those deleted by me many month ago.

One of their affiliates, gives away small resolution images for free and without watermark, which are still usable for bloggers.

I asked CS to close affiliate accounts too but I got a bogus answer to wait 24 hours till affiliates update their database which is not happening.

Does anyone know how to get rid of these guys?

Many thanks in advance.

Maybe a DMCA take down notice will work.


--- Quote from: pancaketom on October 03, 2019, 14:00 ---Maybe a DMCA take down notice will work.

--- End quote ---
It sure would work.
Its just a  DMCA take down has to be made for each and every image separately, with title, description, location of original, location of copy.........
I still have more than 500 images there.

I contacted their support but haven't heard back.


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