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Paulo M. F. Pires:
59 pictures? I'm with 355 and have 3 sales (  year no completed yet ). Even PM sells better than CS ( for me ). Hmm PM have something interesting.. Almost each view give me a sale.

As said, keep uploading, work with multiple agencies, and give my example. If in SS with 250 images i start see some regular sales, in low earners in need 5x more images to hit same volume of sales.

I will keep CS because it's easier submitting and good support. Probally, photos on hard disk will sell less...   


A lot of people were raving about can stock a few months back so I signed up. Made $2 since. Total waste of time in my opinion.

It seemed to pick up a few months ago, then it faded again. Pity.

Sales are slow for me but I usually get something each month and the upload process is easy so I've continued to upload.  I only have about 200 images so I know I need to greatly increase my portfolio before I see more.  I also do a lot of food shots and when I look at the Recently Sold photo stream I can see that the buyers at CanStockPhoto are leaning towards more business and lifestyle shots so I know that my downloads will be lower until I expand to additional niches beyond food. 

I had about 350 sales this year with a portfolio of 1090 images (all illustrations). About $800 so far - not too bad.


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