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Property Release for Illustrations


Hi guys,

So, recently I started creating vector and raster backgrounds out of my photos. Canstockphoto, unlike most other agencies, is asking for a property release for these illustrations. They are not asking for a reference image, but for a complete property release signed by a witness, with the address of the property. This is kind of a too much hassle for me. Filling out a release for every illustration, scanning the same release and uploading it doesn't seem to pay off. If Canstockphoto was selling more, then I would probably do it, but like this....

Is there anybody who does the same kind of work, and what do you do? Does it pay off for you?


I upload all my files via Stocksubmitter. If illustration does not require a release, it gets through into Canstockphoto; if it requires a release, I just ask Stocksubmitter to ignore the file. So, only half of my files are getting uploaded. But with the amount of sales on Canstock it is not worth messing around with every illustration that needs a release. It would be a better idea to spend the saved time producing more quality illustrations and uploading them to more profitable agencies.


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