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Author Topic: WOOOO! One image earned me $26,76  (Read 16237 times)

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« Reply #50 on: April 12, 2009, 18:24 »
@ Zymmetrical:

I am sorry to give you this words... But it is not politicaly correct to say that keywords are similar. If this see someone from iStock he/she will go ROFL!
Vitamin C, Lemon, Infusion and so on for table with empty glasses and dishware on some balcony can't be even near to similar.
Review should be focused on image quality - not on keywords. Also, that design is a bit too complicated with single control for any keyword and so on... I think it will be much better with just one control for keywords separated by comma or space...
BTW, my accepted image is not yet showing in my art manager. Also 2 pending images more than 10 days...

@ Clivia:

Your standards of making 'dish' look by your taste is wrong. That you call 'poo' is something you never saw or tasted and due to that you don't have any clue how it should look like... It is like I say how badly look Raw Beef Steak... Different nations have different taste for food with different arrangements of it... Spagetti are quite nice example to be commented on your level as 'worms covered with blood'... You as photographer should have at least one number higher IQ than shoes you are wearing. That of your comment is really childish and you should grow up and educate yourself in emerging globalization and start to travel!
BTW, Congrats on that your 5 sales ::)

@ FlemishDreams:

I am not reviewer on Dreamstime ;-)
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« Reply #51 on: April 12, 2009, 19:48 »
@ FlemishDreams:
I am not reviewer on Dreamstime ;-)

I hardly suspected you of that, Milinz, since with about the same number of uploads on Dreamstime as me, you have not even 1/3'th of my downloads there.  ;D
I'm doing very badly on iStock, because, as you hinted in private, I'm a crap photographer. But yet, with 83 times more downloads on Istock as your amazing # of 17 downloads there, it remains a sort of mystery to me where some people get all that testosterone that isn't matched by meat.  :P

And now, you kindly have to excuse me. I just got things to do. So I'm sorry if it means a plonk. Enjoy those cevapcici always, but as Clivia said, they look like poo.  ;D

« Reply #52 on: April 13, 2009, 02:38 »
Guy's, c'mon, stop fighting and insulting each other.

« Reply #53 on: April 13, 2009, 03:02 »
How on earth did a group discussion on a sale making a member $26 get onto a insulting match.

So im going to say well done again Ivan hopefully a few of those sales will be coming my way soon :D

« Reply #54 on: April 13, 2009, 03:07 »
Funny thing Anton, we are all hoping for the same :D


« Reply #55 on: April 13, 2009, 04:36 »

Difference in download count is this:

YOU Joined: August 3, 2005 (Fourth year there) and have Monthly uploads:  19.29 average with Editor's Choice of 3 images and 8 exclusive images with 9 registered models.

I Joined: February 28, 2007 (third Year there but started uploads last year in April) and Monthly uploads:  44.24 average with Editor's Choice of NONE images and NONE exclusive images with 1 registered model.

So on Dreamstime you have quite low sales and don't really sell so good as me at all regarding fact that your portfolio exposure is longer and higher than mine!

Istock? LOL! They are joke for me. I have only 21 (of about 50-60 uploaded) accepted files there and quite aversion to their upload system and reviews especially due to they don't need my illustrations there ;-)

How about your sales on real selling sites as for example StockXpert and Shutterstock?

When you alayze something - try to calculate all factors and learn to shoot sellable 'poo' images  :D

BTW nice cheap model images you have... I sell such images for more than $30 download or by order payed in advance ::)

Due to that you made my friendly PM to you extracted from tontext and quoted that I called specific your image as 'crap' instead of 'poo' which it is in fact, I can say only you have quite bad manners and does not deserve fair threatmant!
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