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Does anyone with bad experience with CANVA tried to create report against CANVA and the owner of CANVA and send it to POLICE?

I found some of my images in their database.
Even I found some image was used somewhere by CANVA.
However, I am not their contributor.
Also I am not contributor of iStock or Getty.
I tried to send them several emails within almost a year.
They answered twice.
One answer was "we will check it" and another after several month "be patience".
Absolutely no progress.
I am thinking to create report and send it to Police.

Have you tried submitting a DMCA notice to [email protected]? That usually works.

Hey Louda, have you been able to resolve this issue? We take IP very seriously, and as zsooofija mentioned, the proper channel for copyright enquiries is [email protected]

If you're finding your photos on Canva and have not licensed it to us, that's definitely something we're keen to look into.

Extra Channel via Wirestock goes most to Canva. Are you upload to wirestock?

This is a civil matter, not criminal.

Please don't waste police time.


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