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Canva details like Address, VAT?


Hi, I need to create an invoice for canva but I don't have their complete details

I know the company name is CANVA PTY LTD
What is the address?
What registration number it have?
Does it have VAT Number
what about contact mail?

If someone can help me.

I think 110 Kippax St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia is their primary address but they also have offices at 

116 V. A. Rufino St
Coherco Corporate Center
Makati, National Capital Region 1229, PH

200 E 6th St
Austin, Texas 78701, US


3A Shilipu Road
Vanke Times Center
Beijing, Chaoyang 101101, CN

Not sure which you would invoice, or company number etc. hopefully someone else can help.

Could I ask why you are invoicing them?

Thank you

I live in Romania and we are required to have invoice with each client. And since I can not make an invoice with the each client of the canvas since I don't have access I have to generate an invoice with the platform canva instead for each payout they send. And the invoice required to have all the info of the company.

Sounds annoying. I hope you can track the information down. In my experience it can take many weeks for them to reply to emails.

They responded to support, got the info. Thank you


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