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Title: Canva Now Working on Vectors
Post by: w7lwi on March 04, 2016, 12:34
Just received an e-mail from Lee that Canva is finally working out a way to accept and sell vectors. Still a few issues to work out, but progress is being made.  The entire e-mail is too long to include here, so here's an excerpt of a relevant portion.

"We’re still going to be holding back sets and vectors with either crop marks or sample text. We’ll create techniques to make them work in Canva next, but for now, all other vectors will go straight into the Canva library and appear for sale.

When to expect ‘your’ vectors to go in.

We have well over a million vectors to ingest. We’re going to start off slowly and increase speed as we bring on and train more reviewers. And we’ll submit vectors in the order of signup date so those who’ve been waiting the longest - over three years in some cases - get in first.

We don’t have much data to go on yet, but our raw estimates put the time to review all the vectors we currently have between 4 and 7 months. We’ll keep you updated on progress, but if you didn’t sign up in 2013, expect your portfolio to be closer to 7 months than 4.

Bringing your portfolio up to date.

We know a lot of you haven’t been topping up your Canva portfolio with the new files you’ve been creating since you first uploaded to us. You’re welcome to upload those now as all the files in your account will go through together when it gets to your turn.
Title: Re: Canva Now Working on Vectors
Post by: sweetgirll on March 04, 2016, 18:53
I got an email too...
It is going to take more time, but at least is a good thing to know that is coming...I guess probably at the end of the year well get our vectors processed.
Title: Re: Canva Now Working on Vectors
Post by: Mantis on March 04, 2016, 23:48
I would not work with him knowing how he's treated contributors.