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Canva, what's the plan now?

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This really going out to the Canva reps who I know read this forum.

We are approaching the end of the term where they guaranteed out income would be double March's.

I applaud them for putting their money where their mouth is with regards to their belief that there was a huge untapped market of people who would use our images if only they didnít have pay a dollar for them or whatever (as laughable as this was to those of use who have heard the same thing from agencies multiple times).

But clearly they were wrong. As we predicted downloads increased massively,  just not enough to compensate us meaningfully (no where near double income, for some even a sizeable decrease). Leaving us standing still with our work further devalued; sales cannibalised from better paying sites or non subscription downloads on Canva (i.e. same old story).

So whatís the plan? By their own metrics this scheme has absolutely not worked for contributors as expected. Will they now raise their subscription fee to compensate us to a level they themselves defined as fair a few months ago (double our income)? Or was that all just lip service?


--- Quote from: Justanotherphotographer on September 15, 2020, 08:01 ---Or was that all just lip service?

--- End quote ---

Methinks that's what it was.

I didn't earn double numbers, but honestly with this new plan, introduced in April or whenever I'm still doing better then before.

i never made 2x march, but every month it's been enough to double what i made w any other site other than SS

Hey, happy to comment :)

We've significantly increased payments to contributors since April, even ignoring the 2x guarantee. These increases were to "subscription earnings"; and so it's natural to see download royalty earnings significantly decline; until you get the subscription earnings at the end of each month. The majority of contributors are earning more money than before.

I understand that some aren't. Commenting generally, older content tends to fall out of favour with our users as time goes by, so if you're seeing earning decreases I would suggest seeing whether you can refresh your Canva portfolio with newer shoots. Changes in what Canva users (and the world) searches for also affect this.

The new subscription program has been a success for us, and we hope you see it as the same. We are continuing to work on (and invest a lot of $$$ into) growing Canva Pro, and any increases in subscriptions correspond 1:1 to our royalty pools and your earnings. Our outlook and forecasts are quite positive.

Justanotherphotographer, I'd love to hear why you think it hasn't worked out as expected? Feel free to reply here, or DM me if you'd like to share details privately.



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