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Author Topic: Yech!  (Read 2503 times)

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« on: August 09, 2008, 17:13 »
As a consumer, here's what I don't like about CutCaster...

No ability to sort when searching or browsing.

Only way to browse a specific category is through the advanced search.

When browsing, photos that are wider than tall show up with very small thumbnails, the site seems to favor stuff that is tall.

Otherwise, a nice site.

« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2008, 18:36 »
Okay, here are some suggestions...

On the front page there is a spot on the right with a graph that says Your Sales and has no explanation as to what it means.  It's taking up valuable real estate.  I'd create a new section for MEMBERS ONLY called "Artist Resources" and on that page I would include data that artists/photographers can use (sales data, search data, format info, etc..).

You need a "latest uploads" section on the front page.  The first thing I do when I visit all of the various stock sites is look to see what interesting stuff has been uploaded lately.  Put the top 4 in the box with a link to "More" which will do a search of all files in reverse chronological order.

I'd also like to see on the front page how many images you have online (real time).  And when you put video back, how much footage is online.

Every time I go to your home page, I see the same pictures.  And even when you change your editors choices, the new pictures stay until the next time, etc...   I'd like to see some randomness.  For one, it makes it look like your site has more than 12 pictures on it, and it makes artists feel better when there is a change their stuff might show up on the front page.  Exposure is what we're looking for.

On the default "My Studio Page" I want to see how many photos I have waiting to be submitted, how many are pending review and how many have been rejected.  I shouldn't have to click on "Uploads" to get that info, everything about me should be on the "My Studio" home page for me to review (sales data, etc.).

This is just me, others may feel differently, but when I see more than 10 or 15 categories, I think it's a waste.  If people are looking for something specific they will do a search.  If they just want to browse, there should be fewer categories to choose from.

As for sorting...  When I search or browse I want an option to change the search order by (normal and reverse):

"Number of Downloads/Purchases"
"Number of Views"
"Date Uploaded"
"Rating (if ratings are supported)"
"Most Relevant (to search)"

And something I HAVE NEVER SEEN on any site...

"Random Order"

which gives lesser popular images some exposure or those with smaller portfolios a better chance of being seen

And finally (for the moment), I honestly don't like the look of the site.  Too much green and it looks like a cheap template from a free web template site.  It just doesn't look professional to me.  I'd really like to see multiple skins based on CSS that the user can select.

Oh, is there a reason why cookies expire so quickly?  Can you add an option in My Studio to set a longer time period for cookies?



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