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DP got picky?

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Please do a search on this site. The list has gotten too long now. It would take a book to give you whole history of what depositphotos has been up to from day one.


--- Quote from: seawhisper on November 25, 2016, 05:37 ---Is it just me or DP got REALLY picky over some time now? Firstly it was low commercial value, and now I get tones of rejections based on "too many / similar" reason. Even though these are quite different photos and SS / FT accepts the whole batch. I mean DP isn't that good to be this kind of picky, is it...? What do you think? Anyone still uploading there?

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Yes, I had the same rejection reason this month and also those images were accepted by all others, even DT.
I have ~40 in my earnings and I will not miss them once I make payout. That will take a while with these sub downloads.


--- Quote from: Sebalos on November 25, 2016, 07:20 ---As you can see in my graph, it dose not worth uploading pictures anymore on Dreamstime...


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We're talking about Desositphoto here:)

Deposhitphotos is the worst they are proven cheaters and liars, no sympathy for anyone still uploading there and whining about rejections.

I'm fairly new and small time in this business (about 150-300 photos each on a couple sites), and I haven't bothered with DepositPhotos in the past, but given the situation at Shutterstock, I thought I'd check out Wirestock and see how that works (with the idea of getting to a higher level faster) and since Wirestock supports DepositPhotos, it's easy enough to click another box and include them. My first 9 just came back all rejected by DP for noise (There are another 20 pending). Is this typical? All of these were accepted by Shutterstock or Adobe (and mostly by both) and were taken in broad daylight at low ISO and honestly it never occurred to me noise would be an issue on them (Adobe usually nails me if I try to push it a little on noise). I don't generally have issues with rejections on the other sites—90%+ acceptance.

Is this typical of DP? It's not much work to click the extra box on Wirestock, but certainly these results are not making me enthusiastic about working with them, especially given that they seem to be a pretty small site to begin with.


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