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Getting the run around on tax forms US Citizen, Canadian resident


Wondering if anyone else has some experience or advice on this, it's never been an issue with other agencies. I am a US citizen who lives in Canada as a permanent resident but I do not have Canadian citizenship.  I also do not have a US address as I haven't lived there for many years.

On the DepositPhotos tax center I cannot fill out either the W-9 form (the one I should be using as a US citizen) nor the W-8BEN form which they keep telling me to fill out despite that not being correct.

The W-9 form won't let me input a non-US address and the W-8BEN has a citizenship drop down which does not include US citizenship as an option. So it's literally impossible to complete either form on their site with accurate legal information. 

I have been back and forth multiple times with support and they keep telling me to enter my US address, when I tell them I don't have one they say to fill out the W-8BEN, when I tell them I'm not a Canadian citizen they tell me to .....enter my US a never ending loop.

My situation is not all that rare, when a US citizen moves abroad you are a) Still a US citizen b) Not necessarily a citizen of the country you live in and c) Still file taxes with the IRS so I can't be the only one that's ever run into this?

Kind of at the end of my rope I just want to get paid and close the account. :(

Do you pay tax to the Canadian Government?

I just re-read your post. Yeh that's what's known as an infinite loop.

Yep I do, and I also have to file in the US every year. That's partially why I'm closing some old accounts, a site that makes under $100 a year isn't worth the extra paper work unfortunately.


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