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What browser and its version do you use? Did you try to clear your cache and


I'll try to make this discussion more interesting to a woman-biased-aware-world.

Suppose you are a woman. You call a service and someone asks you "have you asked a man before? can I talk to a male representative that could understand my words?"
If you're not a woman, overturn the situation and the male/female words. Are you happy or upset?

So, imagine how do I feel when I call an internet-based company with a higly-technical problem, after more than 10 years of collaboration meaning I FREAKING KNOW WHAT I DO and the company representative asks me "What browser and its version do you use? Did you try to clear your cache and cookies?".

Oh no, I'm using a paper blocknotes to write down cookies information on behalf of my vapor-based computer and I only empty my cache in the cat litter, what do you mean? browser? what's a browser? I don't know. Why there are words appearing on my screen? is this magical?


I feel for the company representative in question.

Uncle Pete:
Sorry but this is standard because they don't know who you are. What's the first question I get asked when my Internet goes out? "Have you tried resetting the router?" or maybe, "are the lights on?"  ;)

The tech people have to clear the obvious before they can get to the details. Or in other terms, they are reading from a script and follow that in the order they are trained to ask questions and then stemming to the next part.

Bad Robot:
If only I understood what gender specifics had to do with the question I'd be a happy cis-gender person  ;D


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