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Hi, i found some of my images in this portfolio on Depositphotos. [nofollow]
It is portfolio by Yayimages.
My images are there in different colors.

I asked both Yayimages and Depositphotos and it seems they say it is OK for both sides.
Depositphotos just deleted some of my images in this portfolio.
Yayimages says that these images are sublicenced.

Do you know something about this? Thanks.

I'm not sure what to make of that portfolio.  It certainly looks wrong.

Which ones are yours?

I went through this with YAY images when I was trying desperately to get them to delete my images. They claimed it was the last owners made the deal with DP and they aren't anything to do with it any more, but our images are still there and I assume that means we werenít and arenít seeing any of the sales income from these.

Entire business policy of Yayimages is apparently this. They want the contributors to upload their works onto their website, and they take them to upload to some other stock agencies. And they don't pay for it to tell the truth. Unfortunately I was one of those contributors, and when I realized this, I gave up.

I can confirm, they don't help with deleting the images from various sites (depositphotos, agefotostock, alamy and possibly others), they also don't pay you.  >:(

They have this in their contributor terms: "YAY does not take responsibility if an image has been marked for deletion, and is still available for sales either on or any partner site. It is the contributors responsibility to make sure the image has in fact been removed."


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