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Help with German translation please!


Christos Georghiou:
Hi everyone in the German speaking threads.
I am not a German speaker so feel like a bit of a fraud being here. I know this is a bit cheeky but I am trying to translate some captions in a beautiful book about German art. Google translate is fine for the most part but I keep hitting the odd word that wont translate, and I'm never sure if that's because it is a proper name or if I'm miss reading the Gothic script, or just if it's an antiquated word, not modern German.
If anyone could tell me what "Creglinger" in the context of Church Altars and wood carving I would be really grateful.
Many thanks,

Hi Christos,

Creglinger is the proper name of this altar. The name of the town is Creglingen. So you can write "Creglinger Altar". Wood carving means "Holzschnitzerei" or "Holzschnitzarbeit". You can search in wikipedia in english and then switch to the german language. For translation from english in german and vice versa "www.dict.cc" is useful.

Christos Georghiou:
Thanks so much for taking the time to answer this. That is really helpful. I might have had more luck searching for Creglingen rather than Creglinger.
I'll make sure I mark your post as helpful as soon as I am allowed to (it says I need at least 10 posts)
I'm actually scanning some images from the book for selling on the micros. It is from 1885 so public domain. The detail in some of the woodcut prints is just amazing.

Take a look at this one for example, I have had to size it down a lot to get it on the forum, but the second one is detail of one of the men standing in the crowd on the right panel

I'll never complain about being an illustrator again!

Hi Christos,
your name sounds greek, (i don't know, how to write it correctly with a german keyboard) so ya su fi le, ti kanis

Be careful with public domain. It depends in which country you want to publish the work.
Ansel Adams work is public domain in USA, but in germany really not.

Have a nice Day

Christos Georghiou:
Thanks Ralf, I don't know how to write Greek with English letters either but Poli Kala Euharisto!

I think the images should be okay. They are from 1885 so they should be out of copyright. I have put a detailed description of their origin with each one so hopefully the sites will let me know if there are any problems.


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