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--- Quote from: anaire on December 19, 2008, 13:36 ---Hi there,
Richard, worrying about quality of photos? Well then, follow your own advice and go out there and improve yours.
--- End quote ---
Firstly I didn't advise him to improve the quality of his photographs, I advised him it would be better to spend the time taking good photographs instead of writing a blog - please get your facts right, and my reason for saying that is that he has a small portfolio with not many sales, I for one would check his credentials and dismiss any of his advice because I don't feel he has the experience to back it up.

--- Quote from: anaire on December 19, 2008, 13:36 ---You don't have to read the blog, and most certainly you don't have to waste your time posting fruitless messages here. 
--- End quote ---
No but I can and I will if I so desire, it's a forum and we are free to choose to respond if we so wish, this forum has a special section for blogs and you'll notice on the second of his blog promoting threads I advised him that he should have posted both of his threads there.
--- Quote from: anaire on December 19, 2008, 13:36 ---When it comes to 'Lei' or 'Tu', I would strongly advise you to keep it on second person, 'tu'.
It is a friendlier, more open approach.
None of my Italian photographers friends would even think of getting ticked the wrong way by the use of 'tu', instead of the formal 'Lei'.
They're inteligent people, have read many books and blogs and know the proper etiquette.
'Tu' is just fine.

--- End quote ---
I have no idea what you are talking about, I haven't used 'Lei' or 'tu' in my reply, maybe your intelligent Italian friends could shed some light on what you're trying to say.

--- Quote from: anaire on December 19, 2008, 13:36 ---
Finally, thank you, LebanonMax, for posting the link, for your efforts and your time.
Regardless of what has been said here, I'm sure there are a lot of newbies and more experienced photographers alike, who will find it useful.
Mille grazie,

--- End quote ---
Well Anna most of what he suggests is either very obvious in which case no experienced photographer would find it useful, or as in the case of copying keywords, is generally known as bad advice, or the other advice of participating in a 'show me' thread which I think you'll find most succesful stock photographers will tell you is a waste of time. 

However you clearly feel that I'm wrong so please give me a link to your portfolio so I can compare my low quality work with your much higher standards, and just so I can learn a lesson could you get as many successful stock photographers as you can to come here and tell me I'm wrong, and that writing blogs is more worthwhile than spending time taking good photographs.

Happy Christmas

Questo un post IN ITALIANO. E' da meleducati scrivere in inglese. Grazie


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