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$5 clips on Dissolve - race to the bottom continues

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Not only the five year hook, even three years in this industry is an impossible long period.
But also you don't have the chance to delete or deactivate your own clips if you want it.
You don't receive the notification of the downloads more often than every 30 days.
You are allowed to go and check the business just in their offices and once a year which sounds strange.
I don't know, maybe they are nice people but so many elements of the contract sound very unpleasant.
Not thinking of the start when they went out with the 5 dollars clip strategy, where prices are decided only by their editors, this is not in place any more but give a special colour to the relationship with contributors.

-I take back my words, perhaps too rude-



--- Quote from: Open_ on May 26, 2015, 20:57 ---Complaining and still submitting.

I see alot idiots nowaday, the contributor.

--- End quote ---

You spelled alot wrong. It's "a lot". And as I was saying, I did upload some test files. If I would have known there was a $5 bucket I would have not uploaded anything. You need to learn how to infer. I can provide that definition for you if you don't know what infer means, it's pretty obvious you don't.

I'm not sure what you mean by a 5 year hook. The contributors agreement is for 5 years (and then on a yearly basis after that), but doesn't stipulate that you are tied in for all that time. It says that you can terminate the agreement at any time with 120 days written notice.

As for deleting or deactivating files, they currently don't have an interface to do that yourself, but you can contact support and they will delete files at your request.


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