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dissolve's final retaliation, they closed my account today

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Need a new post "This is how you get your portfolio removed from Dissolve."

It would be VERY useful for a lot of people who want to get theirs removed from Dissolve.

Congrats!  It's good that you can move on now.  Dissolve is a bad place for contributors.

Sorry, but you are wrong with these statements:

"They continued to communicate and try to work with you"

No they did not, they ignored me and ignored me and ignored me. Refusing to review my uploads is not "continuing to work with me", and neither is refusing to respond to my emails or my requests to speak to them. and this started from the beginning. in addition, if I inquired about why they did something, they changed their policy to make them more difficult to work with.

Second of all, I never put keywords in the titles. Keywords are words just like anything else. I merely removed prepositions and other useless words, and it only affected a few videos. 75% of my titles were written very well, such as "Hispanic man talking on phone". but they think that is too short, and they want titles that are "short narratives".

here is one of their lousy titles that they require:
"Beach party at sunset with bonfire and roasting marshmellows with friends"

no party in video, no marshmallows, no roasting, no 'friends'. no sunset, no sun. just 1 woman and blurred out guy in background. no visual of beach, just water in background. no bonfire, just reflection of light. there is no reason why someone should have his account closed, be banned from uploading, etc beause of nonsense like this. and dissolve is filled with titles like this, I found it immediately.

in fact, not a single word in the title actually appears in the video.

Well, with clips like that it could be beneficial with abstract/concept descriptions.

Compare music sales - you don't search for power chords, arpeggios, c major, a minor, break, bridge. You search for - inspirational, motivating, feel-good, beach party, etc. That is how many people search.

Having marshmallows in there I agree is a bit of a stretch, but beach party, hanging out, friends, bonfire are all relevant.


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