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dissolve's footage title policy & banned from uploading


does anyone else have problems with Dissolve because of footage titles?

They are demanding that I write long-worded titles for each clip that make absolutely no sense. for example, they want me to describe details about things in the background that are not relevant to the footage, or to make other obscure descriptions.

First they rejected my submissions. Then they refused to review them or left them 'in progress' for 8 months. Now they have banned me from uploading new clips.

They say it is because my clip titles are too short. I would guess they average 4 or 5 words. I see on their web site that they have many clip titles that are 15 or 20 words long.

I am shocked that they have banned me from contributing just because of the length of my clip titles.

In addition, CL said they refuse to review my existing uploads until 2017, and that the decision was made by AB.

I changed my titles at their request, now I write a custom title for each clip and have been doing so for 9 months and they still don't care.

I think they are doing this because they falsely believe that long clip titles will give them better placement on search engines. I have been in the ecommerce business for a long time, and I even built my first web page in 1994, long before anyone knew what the internet was, and I know for a fact that almost no business can survive on SEO, and that SEO is mostly smoke and mirrors. They should not be using their contributors to do their SEO.

In addition, most stock web sites penalize you if your titles are too long. Shorter titles are considered preferred because a shorter title has a more exact description of the video, while a longer title may misled clients into thinking the video has something that it doesn't. Search engines always prioritize web pages with shorter titles for the same reason.

Because of their policy, the word 'background' appears in large numbers of videos (such as 'man with tree in background'), which confuses customers who are looking for a video background.

I got in this business because I used to buy stock footage (and later started selling my broll), and I never bought a clip because of its title, nor did I ever look at any title for any clip I bought. The thumbnail got me interested and the video sold me on it. I bought videos, not titles.

They have refused to respond to numerous emails about this over the past year, including "CL" and "AB". Both CL and AB seem to support me being banned from uploading.

I asked to speak to a manager and they do not respond to me.


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