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Receiving this email finally convinced me that Dissolve just is nothing to waste time with. How laughable is that, to just do exactly what ShutterStock does. Also this crappy wording of their communication. Horrible. Do they really think contributors are monkeys?
And as if anyone knows what will sell (given quality is appropriate). And 30% and all their hype talk, it is just repellent altogether.

--- Quote from: Mantis on July 10, 2015, 14:33 ---What happens if one does not accept those terms? I see there was no "accept new terms" on the site. Uploaded files were based on 4k of $300. This is the bullsh!t response to SS and probably VB. Dissolve has us locked in to 5 years, but if i dont agree i am asking them to close my account. They will continue to try to match pricing and at 30% commission we will end up with very little.

--- End quote ---

Self defining what is good quality video, their better have a good cash reserve to keep going or we'll witness another Stockeon :)

I'll just mention this from my latest royalties report (June) at dissolve.
I had a big month,i couldnt literally believe my eyes in number of sales after only 6 months there but im not quite thrilled:

30% of my hd sales were discouinted sales with 19.88usd royalties (that's a 25% royalty) .
I was told that these bulk discounts have a meaning (big client offer,massive bulk purchases etc) and i can definitely relate to that,
but this is what shutterstock does more or less.Yes they bring sales (for me at least) but for how long and for how much?

And a day after comes as a coincidence this latest newsletter.
I truly believe that it is becoming very difficult for new agencies to not follow the ss path.
Why is that?I have my theories but it doesnt make me feel any better,and certainly i wont be cheering for another ss model agency even if it makes me big sales.
And of course i wont be uploading "everything" from now on.There are still ways where someone can receive a decent (financially but more importantly ethically) commission from his hd clips.
For the time being.

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I've sent them an email asking if contributors can "not accept" the new terms and close their accounts. It's a fair option for them to offer. I think I have about 450 videos there but if their "culling" guidelines kill half of my port that makes it even more difficult. They are either targeting a very specific market for which they have intimate knowledge of buyer needs, or they are claiming to know, holistically, what all video buyers need.

I hope they they also put out submission guidelines that align with their new culling practice.


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