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dissolve banning uploads from new underperfoming accounts


Most of my content has been live on Dissolve for 2 months.

I then received a message from CL stating that my account is underperforming, and that I am being banned from uploading, and that Dissolve is banning people form uploading because of low sales. I pointed out that my videos have been online for only 2 months and they refuse to respond to me.

In addition, they told me they are not going to review any of my existing uploads until 2017, and only if I have high volume of sales.

How can they expect my videos to sell well in the first 2 months they are online?

It makes no sense.

I have written numerous emails to AB and CL and they just ignore me.

Ignore them. They will go away.

I never got that far with Dissolve and CL, my content wasn't elitist enough from the get go.

We don't have many good performing agencies left especially for editorial photos and videos. Pretty much down to Videoblocks and that's it now that Pond 5 went south.   Dissolve was never on my radar, tried them once and then again and just gave up. I never even got to underperforming account status :)


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