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dissolve cancelled me after I discovered they penalized me in search results


The short story as to why Dissolve closed my account is because I discovered that they were penalizing me in the search results. ALL of my videos came up dead last in search results. They removed my videos from search to prevent people from discovering what they were doing, after I publically posted it. Luckily I made screenshots and saved copies.

They penalized me in search results after a long long history of retaliating against me to try and make my videos unsellable. They were claiming that my portfolio was unsellable to try to force me to change my titles, but it was because they were penalizing me in search results. THEY DO THIS TO OTHER CONTRIBUTORS ALSO.

The fact remains that even they they complained about my titles being too short, THEY APPROVED THEM.

1. they complained about me having non-narrative titles

2. I changed the titles that they asked me to

3. they refused to review them

4. I wrote short narrative titles for new footage

5. they refused to review them for 8 months

6. I complained that my videos have been unreviewed for 8 months. they ignored me

7. I complained a second time, 2 weeks later, and they started reviewing some videos

8. 2 months later they claimed my videos don't sell because of my metadata, even though they were only online for 2 months

9. they banded me from uploading new content. they told me they would not review existing uploads until 2017

10. they said they would monitor my sales

11. I noticed I was being penalized in search results. I mentioned this to them

12. they closed my account, citing that I released 'confidential information' about their company. I have no confidential information about their company and released no confidential information about their company.

my sales started out strong. but they plummeted once they started to refuse to review my content.

all this time, they ignored repeated requests to speak to them, or to speak to a manager, or to provide me with more specific information, etc. Aaron and Char both took responsibility for what was going on with my account.

it doesn't bother me that much about them closing my account, because they are refusing to sell my videos. even if they did not close my account, I am never going to have meaningful sales except for the period before they penalized me in search results.

other contributors need to know about what goes on with these types of companies. that is the purpose of the forum.

short titles is no reason to close someone's account, and contributors should not be responsible for Dissolve SEO.

We get it. You don't have to create another topic when you already have 2 topics about the same thing. It's over. Let it go.

Rose Tinted Glasses:
We get it. The way you go on and on and on, I think I'd let you go too.

"They penalized me in search results after a long long history of retaliating against me to try and make my videos unsellable."

Does this make any sense at all? Really? A company pays to stock inventory, pays for shelf space and then purposely makes it unsellable?

There's no need for another topic thread.
We agree Dissolve sucks. Ignore them, they will go away.

Move on. Produce great work and prove them wrong.


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