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dissolve retaliates against contributor and penalizes clips in search rankings

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When I started with dissolve, I was happy to see the new site and a new place to sell my videos. I now have about 20,000 videos which sell well on other sites.

I started uploading to dissolve, and CL complained to me about my titles and only my titles. She complained that she wanted them to be worded a certain way, which I thought was unnecessary and excessive. I added that I have 20,000 videos and I can't be expected to rewrite all of my titles just for dissolve. No other stock video company has ever asked me to change my metadata, and my videos sell very well with the existing metadata on other sites.

I changed my worst case titles and resubmitted, but the entire batches (of 50 to 200 videos) were being rejected. At some point, they just stopped reviewing my work.

Dissolve kept retaliating against me by making alleged 'policy changes'. I would complain about something, and the next day they would claim they have a 'new policy' which was clearly a direct response and attack on the email I had sent the day before.

for example, when I told them I have a lot of videos and I can't rewrite 20,000 titles, they sent out a policy change email to contributors saying they no longer will accept large portfolios and would reject a lot of videos. when I criticized their title metadata policy, they announced a service to write titles for contributors, but not for me because I am not exclusive. after I complained they never reviewed my videos for over 8 months, they banned me from uploading new videos, claiming it was a new policy.

My batches sat unreviewed and a few "in progress" for 8 months. I had over 40 batches and perhaps 3,000 videos pending. Finally in January I asked them why they did not review my work, and they started reviewing my work again. one of my batches that sat 'in progress' for 8 months only had 8 videos which were mostly the same shots of road flares, which hardly should take 8 months to review.

However, after my portfolio was only online for 2 months, they then banned me from uploading, claiming my account is underperforming, and they claim it is because of my metadata. I sent them my sales reports for 2 years and paypal desposits which clearly show my portfolio earns plenty of money with other sites. The only sites where I don't make money are the sites that don't have my portfolios online.

I started out making as much as $114 in 1 month.

I just learned yesterday that the reason my files don't sell on Dissolve is because they penalized all of my videos such that they come up dead last in the search rankings, no matter what keyword I search for. So when I search for keywords, I go to the final page and see my videos either on 100% of the final pages or sometimes with a few other contributors. None of my videos appear in any pages other than the last pages. the final pages, for keywords that are common in my portfolio, contain 75% to 100% my videos. some of these videos are of extremely high quality and have sold for thousands of dollars on other sites.

I looked at other pages, and the other pages have a wide variety of contributors on each page. For me, I am mostly the only one with all of my videos stacked at the bottom. Clearly they are penalizing me in search results.

they made my listings last in search results so that I will not have any sales. now they have a fake reason to refuse to review my videos and to continue the ban, or to later close my account.

Since September, 99.9% of my videos have unique titles, and they all having unique keywords for each video. It is rare that a video has the same title. however, dissolve (CL) claims my metadata is the reason I have low sales, when in fact it is because they penalized me in search rankings and refuse to offer my videos for sale.

This is not the proper way to treat contributors.

I wanted to say nothing, because I know they can just wipe my account and remove the 5,000 or so videos I already uploaded, but I now realize they are penalizing me in the search results so I am not going to make any money anyway, so it doesn't matter if they wipe my account.

Dissolve is a dishonest company.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with Dissolve?

"The decision to pause your ability to upload with Dissolve was a decision based on feedback from our production team in regards to the content/metadata of your submissions. The final decision comes from our product director, AB who I believe has been in touch with you. Aaron is away this week at CEPIC so cannot respond to you.


No charlyne, you have been penalizing me in the search results so my content doesn't sell. it has nothing to do with the metadata. liar.

Symbiostock Official:
Be aware that despite changing your alias to a more anonymous one, when you go to view the newest posts on MSG your original registered name shows up as the author.

Dissolve knows who I am.

What a disgusting way to treat contributors. They should be ashamed of acting in such an unprofessional way. What will customers think of a company that treats others in such a childish manner?

Ignore them. They will go away.


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