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Fotolia/Wallsend rip off?


Hi, I'm a newbie, and I just hope I'm in the right place. I used to have my stock images with 'Fotolia', but found a lot of my images on 'Wallsheaven' by accident. I have since withdrawn my account at 'Fotolia' and told them to delete all of my images. The only way I can see that 'Wallsheaven' have got my images, is through 'Fotolia'. I have sent many emails to 'Wallsheaven' and told them to delete them. Some of the images are being sold upwards of 160. They are ignoring me. Is there anything I can do to get them to remove the images? Any help would be great.

Jo Ann Snover:
This has come up before - the company is an API partner of Fotolia. After your images are removed from FT, they can't buy a license any more, so I think it's just a timing issue as to when your images are removed from Wallsheaven's search.

Here's some of the history:

Email Matt Hayward

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