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Send us your best — introducing monthly upload limits - GOOD BYE DISSOLVE

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Daniel Dash:
I just got an email from Dissolve:

We’d like to inform you of a change to your Dissolve account, which is effective immediately.

You may have noticed that review times for your submissions have increased and it’s taking longer for content to go live. This is due to substantial growth in the number of contributors and the amount of content submitted to Dissolve. While it’s great we’re receiving so much content, we want to maintain reasonable submission review times. Like you, we want your best work available to Dissolve customers quickly. The sooner your content is live on the site, the sooner it can perform.

To achieve this, as of today, your account is assigned a maximum number of files that may be submitted within a calendar month. This upload level is determined by a number of factors, including collection performance and quality of content and metadata.

The levels are:
Bronze — up to 25 files per month
Silver — up to 125 files per month
Gold — up to 250 files per month
Platinum — up to 1,000 files per month
Unlimited — unlimited files

Your current upload level is: Gold

The key to success is to send us your best. Be selective about each submission by choosing content you believe has the greatest potential. All content should be free of logos and branding and include model and property releases when necessary.

Unused uploads expire at the end of each calendar month and do not carry over, so be sure to make the most of your limit. On the first day of each month, your total uploads will refresh to your monthly maximum. You can always find your limit and your current usage on the contributor upload site.

Contributors may move to a higher upload level depending on their collection’s performance, which we review on an ongoing basis. We’ll notify you if your level changes.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]


I think this is how they want to resolve their technical indolence. At the moment I have over 500 clips waiting for review. Most of them are Christmas and New Year content. They didnt reviewed anything since July. With the new rules they will review my batches at March 2017. Wow. What a brilliant idea!

And I would be able to upload something new in March 2017 also. I cant wait...
NO they must be kidding me! Im stopping upload to this half-amateur site "which is effective immediately"!

First of all they should improve their FTP speed, add a real time stats and what is most important: START TO SELL MORE.

I dont know how you guys earning there comparing to other sites but my stats are very poor there. So no regrets.

Sean Locke Photography:
Honestly, if 250 isn't enough for you then you probably should revisit what you upload.

Daniel Dash:
Sean, seriously?
So you make a session with 300-500 clips and cut to 20-30 to make limit on Dissolve?

Dash, stay calm man...Dissolve it is a joke. I start laughing every time I hear that name :))    
... few months ago they refused my port of 3000 + (clips)  for the reason : " selling to another competing site" which in  my case it is Videoblocks.

Same here. Dissolve refused my port because I had files on Videoblocks.


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